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Walt Disney World | NMTE
An urgency campaign with mad inclusion. Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge was on the horizon, and people were deferring their trips to Walt Disney World. We set out to showcase all the rad magic that was happening right now. For the first time, it was not "Disney" cameras that were sharing the magic but our very own fans and guests. Through their unique lenses we were able to let those deferring their trips know that the magic was very much alive at Walt Disney World, with new and old favorites alike. 
This was a herculean effort enlisting various teams, copywriters and art directors, and having simultaneous shoots going at the same time in different parks and locations. My partner Mary Toves and I were the creative leads and I lead the look/feel of the campaign.
Theatrical, Broadcast & Streaming
Along with the usual TV/Streaming 30's we put together a 90s cut for in-theater placement.
By taking a Walt Disney World product with a passion of our guests we were able to create unique pieces of content that appealed to a large audience while recognizing niche demographics. 
This allowed us to appeal to different affinities and likes when creating and targeting social efforts.
Out of Home
We created a system that was as flexible and diverse as the campaign itself, which worked out great as wild postings!
Through their lens
Each one of the creators we invited brought their own take on Walt Disney World creating a a beautiful tapestry of magic.

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