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Volkswagen | Sharks ReScored
Sharks Rescored is a conservation initiative that uses music to change our perception of a species we've been taught to fear. Ever since Spielberg's "Jaws," menacing music has become synonymous with footage of sharks. But in an interactive experience created by Deutsch L.A., VW asks what if the music were different. In partnership with Discovery, composer J. Ralph and marine biologist Luke Tipple, it created a new score for sharks and recorded it at Abbey Road Studios with an orchestra featuring Grammy Award-winning violinist Josh Bell.
I along with Erin Burrell were fortunate to bring the Sharks Rescored interactive experience to life, where fans control the music experience with their eyes using eye-tracking technology, to see shark footage scored with both menacing music and the new score. Toggling between both scores, the experience highlights how music influences our perceptions of sharks.
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